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It's so simple to clean your sie : A: There is a Trojan in the and in the versions of your pastebin files. Update it to the new version which is not infected. It seems you had some trojan in your site. I check the link. It is clean. You can download the updated version from here. Q: How to move label to the right in qx.ui.container.Group? I have a screen with a left panel and a right panel. Each panel is composed of a Group and a Box. In the left panel I want to display several labels, while in the right panel I have some checkboxes. To be clear, in this way: The right panel is composed by: {{ xtype: 'panel', flex: 1, cls: 'right-panel', items: [ { xtype: 'button', text: 'OK' }, xtype: 'checkbox', boxLabel: 'Option' } ] }} I want to move the labels to the right. But when I tried to place them in a Group (with respect to this: it doesn't work. Anyone have any suggestion? It is because the qx.ui.container.Group will add its child to the left side, so the labels are move to the left. You should use the qx.ui.container.Group.setLeftElement function to change that, and add a styles.css to change the positions.




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Tolerance Data 2009.2 Keygen Download Site

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