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A Fundraising Cruise offers:  

  • An easy way to raise money for your favorite charity.  Much easier than an auction, bazaar, dinner dance, etc.  No meetings, no phone calls, no set-up or clean-up! 

  • An opportunity to build camaraderie and network while cruising. 

  • Earned cruise credits that quickly add up to more money for your organization.  You may offer these credits to help offset the cost of the cruise for your group leader or keynote speaker. Or you may use these cruise credits to earn even more money!

  • Full support and materials, including flyers and a webpage to help you get your group going. 

  • A Cruise Information Night for your group to promote the fundraising cr cruise and register participants. 


 How a Fundraising Cruise Works: 

  •  Select a cruise itinerary with amenity point that can be converted to fundraising dollars ($25 - $75 per cabin). 

  • Some cruise lines will allow you to mark up the price $25 - $100 per passenger. 

  • For every 10 cabins earn a fundraising credit. Amount based on price. 

  • Example for 40 people sailing (20 cabins) on a fundraising cruise: 


Amenity points worth $75 per stateroom (20 x $75 = $1,500) 

Mark-up $100 per passenger (40 x 100 = $4,000) 

20 Cabins booked = 2 fundraising credits = (2 x $500 = $1,000) 

Total Earned = $6,500 



This program is not only a great way to raise funds, but also an opportunity to create awareness about your organization.  All the major charities have raised awareness and funds through cruise travel. In addition to your members enjoying a great vacation experience with friends and family, they will have the satisfaction of contributing to a worthwhile cause that in the end is what is important. 



  • Just follow these easy steps and you are on your way! 

  • Gather a group of 10 couples who would like to cruise together to support your                   favorite non-profit organization. 

  • Contact Dream Vacations and Cruises – Miramar, FL and select a cruise itinerary and departure date with fundraising amenity points. 

  • Provide Dream Vacations and Cruises with your organizations 501(c) (3). 

  • Review and accept written proposal. 

  • Set time and location for Cruise Information Night. 

  • Attend Cruise Night. 

  • Collect booking forms and deposits. 

  • Collect final payment. 

  • Distribute the travel documents. 

  • Ready!  Set!  Cruise! 

To  download a copy of our group proposal click here

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