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As we have seen the past few months there is still an element of uncertainty in the air and with that uncertainty comes fear. How do we move on from here, where do we go from here? (no pun intended). Our industry and lives seem to have forever changed...but to what and for how long? We have been diligently working to reschedule our couples and clients whose weddings or trips were cancelled due to the mass border closures, hotel closures and complete cessation of contact with some suppliers overseas. We do want to express our sincere condolences to the many families who have lost loved ones and reach out to our neighbors, families and friends to remind you that there is still hope. Continue to practice healthy hygiene and wearing your protective gear when in public. We must remember we are doing this not necessarily for ourselves, but for that one person who might be more susceptible than everyone else.

Hang in there and don't lose hope...There is light on the horizon. Be safe.. Please reach out if need specifics about destinations that are opening up.

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